William D. Horton, Psy. D, MCAP,
Considered by many to be the world’s Leading NLP & Hypnosis Trainer, is also a Licensed
Psychologist, Master Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, and Master Hypnotist
Instructor. He was one of the few non-law enforcement people to be asked
to attend the FBI Crisis/Hostage Negotiation Course at the FBI academy.
He is the author of the best selling book “Mind Control, How to Get Others
To Do What You Want, and Have Them Think It was Their Idea”, “Quantum Psychology”, Habits for Success”, “NLP 4 $ales” “The Alcohol and Addiction Solution” “Ultimate Fat Loss 4 U”, “Secret Psychology of Persuasion”, as well as “Primary Objective, Neuro-Linguistic Psychology and
Guerrilla Warfare” his style is down to earth and easy to read. he reveals the secrets of the mind so people can take control of thier lives NOW. His assion for this technology comes from personal experience. He has a Black belt in Karate and has won tournaments and been published in Martial Arts Journals. Learn from the leader in the field of “STREET SMART” NLP